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I don’t get this…
Throwback Thursday: Reappraisal of Ryan et al (2010)
The Ethics of Doing a Gait Analysis
Should you trust running shoe research done or funded by Nike?
Search Engine Populairty of Different Running Shoe Brands
Children growing up barefoot more likely to be heel strikers when running
Foot Structure and Injury Differences Between Habitually Barefoot and Shod
No, No …. and … ummm, NO!
Barefoot running vs Minimalist running shoes vs Hoka One One
Running Shoes Boot Camp
Relfection from the ISB Footwear Biomechanics Meeting
Pilates, the Functional Movement Screen and Runners
Kinematic and Kinetic Risk Factors for Running Injury
Throwback Thursday: No, expensive running shoes do not lead to 123% increase in injuries
Anecdotes are not evidence
Running Shoes and the Preferred Motion Pathway
Is changing footstrike pattern beneficial to runners?
Running economy barefoot, in minimalist shoes and traditional running shoes
RCT of traditional running shoes vs minimalist running shoes
Bending Stiffness of Running Shoes and Running Energetics
The running shoe for the sub-2 hr marathon
Yet again, more of the same …
Search Engine Popularity of Different Running Shoes Brands
More of the same…
When I read things like this…
Impact loads in barefoot and shoe running
‘Overpronation’ and achilles tendon blood flow
Impacts and injury and the transition to minimalist running shoes
Barefoot Running and ‘Overpronation’
Monday morning laugh
Is the drop of a running shoe associated with injury risk?
I know it is only a pilot study, but …. injuries in minimalist runners
Running Economy and Foot Strike Pattern
How Good are Runners at Self Identifying Their Foot Strike Pattern?
Why do so many just make stuff up for?
Relevant Gems from the 2016 ACSM Meeting
The Problem with the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis
Minimalist Running Shoes and Injury Risk
Impact Related Factors and Running Injury
Intrinsic Muscle Strength in Plantar Fasciitis
Minimalist vs Maximalist Running Shoes and Achilles Tendon Loads
Chi Running did not lead to less injuries
‘Overpronation’ … the quack is strong in this one …
Running Shoe Counts
The Functional Movement Screen for Predicting Running Injuries
The effect of ‘energy boost’ footwear on running economy
Foot strike pattern and injuries in ultramarathoners
Shoe inserts for Sacroiliac Joint Pain?
The Minimalist Index for running shoes
Vibram FiveFingers and muscle strength … umm, err…
Foot morphology in barefoot vs shod runners and its effects on biomechanics
Motion control running shoes do affect the running injury rate
Relevant Gems from the 2015 Footwear Biomechanics Symposium
Mechanical and physiological analysis of minimalist versus traditionally shod running
Muscle Activity in Barefoot vs Shod Running
Foot Strike Pattern and Injury Rates
Comparison of running injuries between shod and barefoot runners
“All anti-barefoot running research is paid for by the running shoe companies”
Relevant gems from the ACSM meeting
Running on a track could be associated with a greater risk for heel pain
Impact forces between barefoot and shod running
Running barefoot may increase injury risk in older, more experienced athletes
Peroneal Tendinosis and ankle sprains in runners
Differences in injury rates between…
How poor are runners at self-identifying their foot strike pattern?
Foot posture (‘overpronation’) and the risk for overuse injury
Selecting the right running shoe based on brain activity
Riddle me this ….
Arch height and running shoe prescribing …all is not as it seems?
Is this a ‘Fadotomy’?
Myofascial self release and how to ruin a good study
Effect of shoe drop on running mechanics
The Functional Movement Screen and Running Injuries
Popularity of Running Shoe Brands Based on Google Search Volume
Transistion to Minimalist Running Shoes With or Without Gait Retraining?
Use of Toning or Unstable Shoes to Aid Post Marathon Recovery
The Effect of Footwear on Running Performance
Effects of a seven week transition to minimalist footwear
The Effects of an Injected Placebo on Endurance Running Performance
Running may protect the knee from osteoarthritis
Why do people make this stuff up for?
Social Media Influence of Running Shoe Companies
The Risks and Benefits of Running Barefoot or in Minimalist Shoes
Quality of the information on Kinesio Taping
Muscle Activity Differences in Forefoot and Rearfoot Strikers
Best Selling Running Shoes at
Predatory Publishing (and does footwear in runners influence ‘disease’?)
Footwear and Flatfeet: Correlation or Causation?
Running Shoes Can Control Motion
Foot Orthotics for Reducing Load in the Plantar Fascia
Heel striking in a cushioned shoe with a 10mm drop and he still managed to break the world marathon record!
Custom made vs sham foot orthotics for achilles tendinopathy
Wearing shoes impairs intellectual development
See what you want to believe in
Trunk biomechanics, hip and knee kinematics in patellofemoral pain
The influence of running speed on ankle and knee joint moments
Core Muscle Activation and Knee Loads
The Re-emergence of the Minimal Running Shoe
“Barefoot Running and Hip Kinematics: Good News for the Knee?”; what about “Bad News for the Ankle”?
The Truth about …..
Patellofemoral Joint Stress during Running with Alterations in Foot Strike Pattern
Genetics and Running Economy
The effect of forefoot varus on the hip and knee and the effect of the hip and knee on forefoot supinatus …
Clustering of foot strike pattern when running
Will the first sub 2 hour marathon be run barefoot?
Runners Beliefs About the Risk Factors for Injury
Risk Factors for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
Timing of ‘heel off’ in different running shoes
Prescribing Running Shoes Based on Arch Height
How many who think they don’t heel strike actually do?
Foot Orthotics and Patellofemoral Pain
Strengthening vs Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis
The effects of foot orthoses on achilles tendon loads
Stress Fractures and the ‘Landing Error Scoring System’
The effects of shoes and barefoot on postural stability
Science vs Pseudoscience
Effect of listening to music on running
Barefoot running survey: Evidence from the field???
When running, lean forward at the ankle or the hip?
The effects of the sole geometry of the On running shoe
The importance of joint moments in running injury risk and running economy
Running with a minimalist shoe increases plantar pressures
Sensory deficits in runners with an overuse injury
Review of Lieberman et al’s (2010) paper in Nature on Barefoot Running
Better running economy with softer shoes
Time to recovery following a running injury
Foot arch height and muscle strength
The effect of shoe drop on running pattern
The Influence of Arch Type on Injury in Minimally-Shod Runners
What are the Main Risk Factors for Running-Related Injuries?
The effect of minimal shoes on arch structure and intrinsic foot muscle strength
Vibram Settle Class Action Lawsuit
Metabolic comparison of running shod and barefoot in mid-forefoot runners
Another study on foot strike pattern and running injuries
‘Overpronation’ and running injury risk
Reduction in Ground Reaction Forces with Barefoot Running
Barefoot/Minimalism Running and Heel Striking
Effect of Pose/Chi type running instruction on running economy
Tibial Accelerations in Heel and Forefoot Strikers
The concept of ‘core stability’ of the foot
Impact of injury on ultramarathon performance
Effect of Barefoot Running on Strength and Balance
Running Form Variability and Protection from Overuse Injury
Training Characteristics Related to Running Related Injuries
Do novice runners have weak hips and bad running form?
The Effect of Cadence Manipulation on Plantar Pressures
Evidence that barefoot running is better? …. part deux
Is the rearfoot pattern the most frequently foot strike pattern among recreational shod distance runners?
Overload injuries in barefoot/minimal footwear running
Its six of one and half a dozen of the other: Rearfoot vs Forefoot striking when running
Can running shoes control motion?
Latest Running Shoe Sales Figures & Trends
Hoka One One vs Vibram FiveFingers
Popularity of Running Shoe Brands Based on Google Search Volume
Review: ‘Reality Check, How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future’
Examining injury risk and pain perception in runners using minimalist footwear
Can mixing up the running shoes prevent overuse running injury?
Rearfoot and Midfoot/Forefoot Impacts in Habitually Shod Runners
Subject Specific vs Systematic Responses to Interventions
What is the ideal ‘drop’ for a running shoe?
Barefoot vs shod: Effects on tibia loads
Another look at the performance claims by the Airia One running shoe; a theoretical context
Plantar Pressure Patterns and Injury Prediction
The new ‘biomechanically perfect’ running shoe from Airia?
What happens during the swing phase related to impact load?
Why ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to running
The Key to Preventing Overuse Injury in Runners is Load Management
Effect of barefoot running on economy and muscle action
Effect of fatigue on navicular drop – my ‘Nobel Ig Prize’ for Biomechanics Research
Risk factors for achilles tendon pain in runners
Increasing Cadence and Running Injury
Foot posture and Q-ankle and running-related injuries
Barefoot Running: Current state of the play
Proximal Control and the Risk for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
Strength Training for Runners to Prevent Injury
Risk factors for medial tibial stress syndrome
I did a Chi Running course!
Kinematic changes after 12 weeks of running in minimalist running shoes.
Running shoe midsole hardness has no effect on running injury rate
Decreasing vertical impact loads via increasing ankle loads in Chi Runners
Just How Significant are Heel Impacts at Causing Injury When Running?
Continuing to heel strike after transition to minimalist running shoes
Yet another study shows heel striking is more efficient than midfoot striking
Different Running Techniques Load Different Tissues Differently
Plantar Fasciiis – how then do you treat it?
The concept of ‘Supination Resistance’
Grounding: Going barefoot to prevent cardiovascular disease!
Review: The Lydiard EB Brütting Road Runner!
Increasing cadence and patellofemoral forces
Foot Pronation and Leg Length Differences
Joint contact loading in forefoot and rearfoot strike patterns during running
Running Shoes and Economy of Running
Increased Lower Limb Loading with use of Minimalist Running Shoes
Running and the Risk for Osteoarthritis
Foot Strike Pattern and Performance in a 50km Trail Race
The ‘abductory twist’ during gait
Barefoot vs Shod and patellofemoral joint stresses
Anthropometric characteristics of top-class Kenyan marathon runners
Weightbearing Exercise for those with Diabetes
It’s My Way or the Highway
Ultramarathons Cause Less Muscle Damage Than Shorter Races
Running Economy and Shoe Heel Height
Prefabricated vs Custom Made Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis
Foot ‘Pronation’ and Anterior Knee Pain in Runners
Foot strike pattern and ground-contact time – effect on economy of running
Effect of fatigue on running kinematics
Gait variability associated with minimal footwear during running
Foot pronation is not associated with increased injury risk in novice runners wearing a neutral shoe
Risk of injury from ‘foot type’ – back to ‘overpronation’
Forefoot strikers exhibit lower running-induced knee loading than rearfoot strikers
Running economy: Forefoot vs Rearfoot striking
The Effects of Fatigue on Foot Function
The ‘actuator lugs’ on the Newton Running Shoes
Peroneal Tendonitis in Runners
The carbon footprint from running shoes
Achilles Tendinopathy and Body Mass Index
Foot Strike Pattern and Injury Rates
Are there really that many ‘dumb’ runners doing this?
Preferred Foot Strike Pattern and Soft Tissue Vibration
Running Shoes and Running Economy
Running Asymmetry, Loading Rate and Injury Risk
Latest Figures and Surprise Comment on Running Shoes Sales
Funny: Hitler’s Barefoot Running Strategy
Behavioural Risk Factors for Running Injury
Tibial strain and barefoot running
Foot strike pattern and performance in a marathon
Critique of ‘are you ready for minimalism’ preparation tests
The Effect of Foot Strike Pattern on Achilles Tendon Load During Running
Achilles tendon forces in minimalist and traditional running shoes
What are the best selling running shoes?
Muscle Adaptation During the Transition to Minimalist Running
Calcaneal stress fracture – forefoot or rearfoot strikers?
‘Volume’ based injuries vs ‘Pace’ based injuries
Effect of 0 and 4mm drop running shoes on running economy
‘Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies’
What evidence is there that ‘barefoot’ running is better to reduce injury risk?
Vertical Ground Reaction Forces Produced in Shod Running vs. Barefoot Running
Calling out the loons
Impact Reduction Through Changing to Midfoot Strike Pattern vs Low Drop Footwear
Risk of Injury From ‘Pronation’
Pose Running and Running Economy
Wishful Thinking
The Windlass Mechanism of the Foot
Should we transition all anterior compartment syndromes to forefoot striking?
Does Barefoot Running Lead to a Higher Arch of the Foot?
Review: The Runners World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running
The ‘Wet Footprint Test’ is a Furphy
Risk factors for stress fractures in adolescent runners
Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in runners
OMG, have we got this so wrong!
The Paradox of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Foot Biomechanics
Effects of “Foot Orthoses” on Running Mechanics in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Cherry Picking
Which injuries are probably more common in which foot strike pattern?
Do Toning Shoes Work?
Update on the Vibram Class Action
Severs Disease in kids that run
Review: Chi Marathon
Bone injury and the transition to minimalist running
Why Ineffective Treatments Sometimes Work
Impact Reduction with Chi Running
The ‘Natural’ Running Fallacy
The nonsensical understanding of ‘overpronation’
What is the “best” running form?
Short or Long Term Use of Foot Orthotics?
Do Foot Orthotics Really Work?
Obesity and running injury
Do running shoes weaken muscles?
‘Barefoot Science’ Insoles
Is the ’180 Cadence’ a myth or something to aim for?
Managing ‘Top of Foot Pain’ in Forefoot Strikers

Shoe Wedging or Gait Retraining for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?
Why do overuse injuries occur?
Is minimalism an option to manage plantar fasciitis?
The ‘Running Shoes Causing Knee Osteoarthritis’ Debacle
Adidas Boost Technology
The ‘Appeal to Authority’ Fallacy

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