OMG, have we got this so wrong!

After years of toiling away in the biomechanics lab, devouring all the research I could, publishing research, attending and speaking at conferences and treating 1000’s of patients and passing all that wisdom on to students, I have recently learnt that I got things so very very wrong. You see, all that fuss about overpronation, really had nothing to do with biomechanics, running shoes or running form at all, it was due to:

people with flat feet generally feel that they lack support in life or are not supported by those around them…It is as if the foot collapses in an attempt to feel grounded and supported. And because they may not feel grounded, they may very often have boundary issues.

(Ref: Gadd, A. (2006). Finding Your Feet – How the Sole reflects the Soul. Scotland: Findhorn Press.)

And of course:

Bunions are telling you that you are bending over backwards doing too much for others and not enough for yourself! The degree to which the big toe is deformed towards the little toe shows the degree that you are out of balance in this area of your life. Ask yourself, what would I be doing with my time if I had more time for me. Many people with bunions can’t answer this. Until they work out what they really want to spend their time on for themselves, they will continue doing too much for others

High arches are commonly found on people with strong inner resources. You enjoy spending time on your own. That’s not to say that you aren’t sociable, but if you do go to a party, you need the next day as quiet time to re-energize. You are very resourceful but find it hard to accept help from others because you feel you can do it all yourself.

If you have athletes foot you have developed a tendency to let things get under your skin. You experience extreme irritability. It annoys you that people constantly interfere and doubt and question your ideas, hindering your progress. Why are you letting them bother you?


There you have it. Its nothing to do with biomechanics and all the science that we have been toiling away at.

Fortunately, as always: I go where the evidence takes me until convinced otherwise.

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5 Responses to OMG, have we got this so wrong!

  1. jake March 31, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    It must be April 1st

  2. Craig March 31, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

    Hi Jake; yes it is April 1st (though I did post this late last night), but it is no joke; people actually take this Foot Reading seriously and actually believe it….don’t figure!

  3. Craig April 1, 2013 at 3:14 am #

    Seriously everyone! A number of tweets are putting this post down to an April Fools joke! This is not an April Fools joke. People really do this foot reading for a living and actually believe this woo. Just check some of the books in the feed above.

    The sad thing is the consequences of this woo can be very serious. In this thread on Podiatry Arena, we were following a thread on a foot reading forum (fortunately it no longer exists) in which a novice foot reader was asking for advice on what to tell a client who had a vertical black line in a toenail… me that probably means a life threatening malignant melanoma! To them, it meant depression.

  4. Dino Guy June 10, 2013 at 2:20 am #

    This is nonsense. I have flat feet, and I enjoy spending time on my own!

  5. julie greenhalgh February 21, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    i’ve got one flat foot (tendonopathy) so obviously i only have boundary down one side! the fact that i’ve now got a good excuse for my anti-social, spend all my time with computer is bloody ace though. cheers Craig

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