Injecting a Placebo to Run Faster!

Not exactly one from within my area of expertise, but worthy of posting: The Effects of an Injected Placebo on Endurance Running Performance. Ross, Ramzy; Gray, Cindy M.; Gill, Jason M. R. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: November 19, 2014 PURPOSE: To quantify the placebo effect magnitude on endurance running performance, in ‘real-world’ […]

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Running may protect the knee from osteoarthritis

I was just perusing the abstract book from the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting in Boston last week (all 3018 of them!) and found more than a few gems. We already know that pretty much all the previous studies have generally shown that the prevalence of osteoarthritis in former or older runners is no […]

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Why do people make this stuff up for?

Time to call out another loon. This time its an article in the Inquisitr, How David Accidentally Slayed Goliath: Vibram FiveFingers And Why Barefoot Is Best. I will ignore that it failed totally to show that barefoot is better and even worse, totally ignored all 10 of the systematic reviews of the science that its not. […]

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Social Media Influence of Running Shoe Companies

A recent post by Thomas Neuberger on Big Run looked at the number of followers the main running shoe companies have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Adidas came out on top on all three platforms. Thomas’s post inspired me to take it one step further and look at the Klout score for the running shoe […]

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The Risks and Benefits of Running Barefoot or in Minimalist Shoes

Nine formal systematic reviews of the evidence have so far been published looking at the evidence on barefoot or minimalist running having systematic benefits or not. Every single one of them concluded the same thing (reviewed here and here and here). Despite those conclusions, all by people from different backgrounds and published in a variety […]

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Quality of the information on Kinesio Taping

I first became aware of the pretty colored tape and its methods when watching the London Olympics in 2012. Ever since then I have kept a superficial eye on the literature on it and it varies. The research results are mixed as to its effectiveness. A 2013 systematic review concluded: “There currently exists insufficient evidence […]

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Muscle Activity Differences in Forefoot and Rearfoot Strikers

Different running techniques load different tissues in different runners differently which has implications for subject specific differences in running economy and running injury risk profile. In that context it was nice to see this turn up: Differences in Muscle Activity between Natural Forefoot and Rearfoot Strikers during Running Jennifer R. Yong, Amy Silder, Scott L. […]

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Best Selling Running Shoes at

In May last yr, in a fit of boredom I looked at list of best selling running shoes at As I said then its certainly not the most valid source of market share or popularity as some brands are not even sold at and there are day to day fluctuations in the list […]

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Predatory Publishing (and does footwear in runners influence foot ‘disease’?)

What has that got to do with running? At first glance not a lot, but bear with me. I was first alerted to the concept of predatory publishing by Hylton Menz a while back in the context of a new journal that was launched by a predatory publisher, Clinical Research on Foot and Ankle (and yes, that […]

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Footwear and Flatfeet: Correlation or Causation?

One of the arguments that often get advanced for a barefoot lifestyle is that shoes cause flat feet as they weaken the muscles. Not sure how people make that conclusion as there is no evidence that footwear wearing populations have feet that is any weaker than barefoot wearing populations – you would have thought that […]

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Running Shoes Can Control Motion

There certainly has been a lot of comments in recent years about how ineffective that running shoes actually are supposed to be at controlling motion and I have sort have gone along with that as that is probably what the preponderance of data was showing. I did take a brief look at this earlier this […]

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Foot Orthotics for Reducing Load in the Plantar Fascia

The generally accepted role of foot orthotics in those with plantar fasciitis is to reduce the load in the plantar fascia so it can get better. To achieve that, the foot orthotic needs to have the right design features that reduce the load in the foot type of the individual. The role is not to […]

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Heel striking in a cushioned shoe with a 10mm drop and he still managed to break the world marathon record!

If you have been following all the propaganda and rhetoric of recent years, then Dennis Kimetto should not have been able to run 2:02.57 to knock 26 seconds off the world marathon record a few days ago in Berlin … go figure! I have held off for a few days from commenting here (been busy commenting […]

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Custom made vs sham foot orthotics for achilles tendinopathy

I recently reviewed a study that showed foot orthotics reduced the load in the Achilles tendon but lamented by reflecting on comments that this was not a clinical trial, but a lab based study. Nothing wrong with that, but without field or clinical based studies we do not know if those lab based effects can […]

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Wearing shoes impairs intellectual development

Its Sunday, I not feeling too well and am not up to writing something serious. I needed another loon to ridicule. I was wondering what to write about, then I remembered this from many years ago that gave us a good laugh at the time: Among the untold problems that wearing shoes can impose in […]

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