Running Shoes Can Control Motion

There certainly has been a lot of comments in recent years about how ineffective that running shoes actually are supposed to be at controlling motion and I have sort have gone along with that as that is probably what the preponderance of data was showing. I did take a brief look at this earlier this […]

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Foot Orthotics for Reducing Load in the Plantar Fascia

The generally accepted role of foot orthotics in those with plantar fasciitis is to reduce the load in the plantar fascia so it can get better. To achieve that, the foot orthotic needs to have the right design features that reduce the load in the foot type of the individual. The role is not to […]

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Heel striking in a cushioned shoe with a 10mm drop and he still managed to break the world marathon record!

If you have been following all the propaganda and rhetoric of recent years, then Dennis Kimetto should not have been able to run 2:02.57 to knock 26 seconds off the world marathon record a few days ago in Berlin … go figure! I have held off for a few days from commenting here (been busy commenting […]

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Custom made vs sham foot orthotics for achilles tendinopathy

I recently reviewed a study that showed foot orthotics reduced the load in the Achilles tendon but lamented by reflecting on comments that this was not a clinical trial, but a lab based study. Nothing wrong with that, but without field or clinical based studies we do not know if those lab based effects can […]

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Wearing shoes impairs intellectual development

Its Sunday, I not feeling too well and am not up to writing something serious. I needed another loon to ridicule. I was wondering what to write about, then I remembered this from many years ago that gave us a good laugh at the time: Among the untold problems that wearing shoes can impose in […]

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See what you want to believe in

There is quite a body of work in the psychology literature on optical and perceptual illusions and how they are influenced by seeing what you want to see. I certainly know very little about the psychology and science of this (though I have fun looking at some). I do know enough to know there is […]

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Trunk biomechanics, hip and knee kinematics in patellofemoral pain

Hot on the heels of posts on: This modelling on core muscle activation and knee loads. This study that showed that more of a forward lean of the trunk at the hips resulted in less knee loads, greater hip loads and no effect on ankle loads compared to a forward lean at the ankle results in […]

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The influence of running speed on ankle and knee joint moments

I have long suggested that the number one biomechanical risk factors for an overuse running injury and determinate of running economy is joint moments. That is generally affected by variations in joint axes positions. The loads in the tissues and how hard a muscle has to work is determined by the joint moments. Different ways […]

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Core Muscle Activation and Knee Loads

The ‘core’ is well outside my area of expertise, but I still follow the various cults that think it can cure everything as well as those who think its way overrated. I periodically go back and read this as it appears to me to address all the issues and also this blog post from Cor-Kinetic […]

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The Re-emergence of the Minimal Running Shoe

This just turned up in my alerts “The Re-emergence of the Minimal Running Shoe” …. hmmmm, I was puzzled. I thought the opposite was happening and maybe I had missed a swing back the other way. For example a few months ago, Lower Extremity Review covered it this way: The rise and fall of minimalist […]

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“Barefoot Running and Hip Kinematics: Good News for the Knee?”; what about “Bad News for the Ankle”?

I have previously had a dig at the nature of the titles of a number of scientific papers, for example, this paper I previously reviewed was titled: “Forefoot strikers exhibit lower running-induced knee loading than rearfoot strikers“; when it could have just as easy been titled “Forefoot strikers exhibit higher Achilles tendon loading than rearfoot strikers“ […]

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The Truth about …..

How often have you seen posts in running forums or in the running crankosphere blogosphere, that are headlined with something like “The Truth about….. “. Every time time I read one of those, more often than not it easily debunked pseudoscientific nonsense that people are actually gullible enough to believe. I only raise this as in […]

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Patellofemoral Joint Stress during Running with Alterations in Foot Strike Pattern

Déjà vu? Been there, done that? Different Running Techniques Load Different Tissues Differently. Its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Etc We aleady know that increasing the cadence reduces knee loads; and leaning forward at the hip decreases knee loads but increases hip loads whereas leaning forward at the ankles also decreases […]

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Genetics and Running Economy

The cause of an overuse injury in running is that the cumulative load on the tissues is beyond what the current state of the tissues can tolerate, so it breaks. Historically the focus has always been on the cumulative load and its only been more recently that the focus has been on the state of […]

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Muscle strength in shod, minimalist and foot orthotic wearing runners

I going to start off with this image¹: There is plenty of the usual propaganda and rhetoric about foot orthotics weakening muscles in the crankosphere blogosphere, therefore they are evil: Truth or lie? I already addressed the issue of running shoes weakening muscles (they don’t); but that has not stopped the fan boys still claiming that they […]

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