Selecting the right running shoe based on brain activity

How cool would that be? How feasible and practical it will become is another question, but that is exactly what these authors below proposed. They stated: When consumers purchase shoes, they often try on a few pairs and make a selection; that selection may indeed be instinctive, but such a purchase may not always be […]

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Riddle me this ….

We evolved: barefoot got plenty of exercise chasing animals to survive the air was fresh ate well (paleo) and had a life expectancy of 35 years Now we: wear shoes get less or no exercise the air is polluted eat junk food yet we somehow manage to live to 85 years What am I missing? […]

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Arch height and running shoe prescribing …all is not as it seems?

The prevailing paradigm for a long time for the prescription of running shoes was based on concepts like the amount of “pronation”, the related issue of arch height and foot print analysis. The accumulated evidence, despite the widespread¬†nonsensical writing about “overpronation” (and fueled by a healthy dose of the Dunning-Kruger effect) pointed to this approach […]

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Is this a ‘Fadotomy’?

Until five minutes ago, I had never heard of the word ‘Fadotomy’. A fadotomy is apparently the anatomy of the transformation of a fad into the prevailing paradigm… well at least that is what one reference I could find called it, so I doubt it is going to be come the prevailing vernacular as a […]

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Myofascial self release and how to ruin a good study

I feel really sad when I see what is a well conducted and thought out study that the authors do the wrong analysis on and it got through the peer review process. The whole idea of that peer process is to stop that happening. Given that there is a lot of interest in myofacial self […]

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Effect of shoe drop on running mechanics

The topic of the “drop” keeps coming up and has generated a lot of interest as well as the usual rhetoric and propaganda. It is defined as the difference between the heel and forefoot height of the shoe, which is more appropriately called the ‘pitch’, but the term ‘drop’, rightly or wrongly, has become the […]

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The Functional Movement Screen and Running Injuries

To be honest, the Functional Movement Screen is not something that I have really paid a lot of attention to. It is becoming a popular topic and attracting increasing attention. I have scanned some abstracts on it periodically, but it never really grabbed my attention. There have been a couple of studies of it in […]

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Popularity of Running Shoe Brands Based on Google Search Volume

A year ago, I was bored and used a Google tool to get an estimate of the search volume for the different running shoe brands and posted the results. I decided to update it. Here is the December 2014 estimated monthly search volumes (along with 2013’s): As with the 2013 post, there are some disclaimers: […]

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Transition to Minimalist Running Shoes With or Without Gait Retraining?

This is an interesting one… A number of previous studies have looked at the mechanical and economy parameters with minimal running shoes compared to traditional running shoes. Some of these studies were cross-sectional and some were prospective and followed a period of adaptation or transition. One of the concerns expressed about some of these studies, […]

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Use of Toning or Unstable Shoes to Aid Post Marathon Recovery

Toning or unstable shoes do not exactly have much of good track record due to the exaggerated health claims that got made for the product and the multi-million dollar settlements that some of the manufacturers had to enter into. This was based on the lack of evidence for those health claims. That does not mean […]

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The Effect of Footwear on Running Performance

I have to be honest and say I getting a little bored with the running economy stuff as I have covered the studies on it so many times and its gets harder to rewrite about the same thing again and re-litigate the same issues again. Some previous posts on running economy have ligated all the […]

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Effects of a seven week transition to minimalist footwear

One of the criticisms of some studies comparing the mechanics of minimalist vs traditionally shod footwear is that the intervention is acute and the effects were not measured after a period of appropriate acclimation to the different conditions. The results may or may not be the same after that acclimation or transition – we simply […]

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Injecting a Placebo to Run Faster!

Not exactly one from within my area of expertise, but worthy of posting: The Effects of an Injected Placebo on Endurance Running Performance. Ross, Ramzy; Gray, Cindy M.; Gill, Jason M. R. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: November 19, 2014 PURPOSE: To quantify the placebo effect magnitude on endurance running performance, in ‘real-world’ […]

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Running may protect the knee from osteoarthritis

I was just perusing the abstract book from the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting in Boston last week (all 3018 of them!) and found more than a few gems. We already know that pretty much all the previous studies have generally shown that the prevalence of osteoarthritis in former or older runners is no […]

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Why do people make this stuff up for?

Time to call out another loon. This time its an article in the Inquisitr,¬†How David Accidentally Slayed Goliath: Vibram FiveFingers And Why Barefoot Is Best. I will ignore that it failed totally to show that barefoot is better and even worse, totally ignored all 10 of the systematic reviews of the science that its not. […]

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