Differences in injury rates between…

… barefoot vs shod?
… foot strike pattern?

This just showed up in my alerts:
The Science of Running: Factors Contributing to Injury Rates in Shod and Unshod Populations
MacKenzie, Ryan; MacKenzie, Lene; Martinez, Alicia; and Cardoza, Marisol
Student-Faculty Research – School of Physical Therapy. Paper 6. 2014

This appears to be a poster presentation of research and I have no more information than what is in the poster here, so it has to be interpreted in that context.

They looked at the kinematics, kinetics and injury rates comparing shod (n=30) vs unshod (n=21) active people in Uganda. Nothing jumps out at me from the limited information given in the methods as being a problem, except it was retrospective, so recall bias may be an issue.

What did they find?:

What did they conclude?
No differences in injury rates between barefoot vs shod or midfoot/forefoot strike vs heel strike.

Add that to the preponderance of other evidence (reviewed here) which is pretty much showing the same thing.

As always, I go where the evidence takes me until convinced otherwise….and this is what the evidence is showing. Nuff said?

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