Social Media Influence of Running Shoe Companies

A recent post by Thomas Neuberger on Big Run looked at the number of followers the main running shoe companies have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Adidas came out on top on all three platforms. Thomas’s post inspired me to take it one step further and look at the Klout score for the running shoe companies. Klout is one of several metrics that are used to determine social media influence. Klout uses data from social media sites to measure ‘klout’, so it is based on more metrics rather than just the number of followers. See Wikipedia for more (especially the criticisms of it).

Saucony                     82
Brooks                        80
Adidas                        79
Nike                            71
Altra                            71
Asics                           69
Mizuno                       69
Vivobarefoot              68
Skechers                     63
Newton                        63
Hoka One One           61
New Balance              58
Merrell                         61
Pearl Izumi                  57
Skora                            56
Karhu                           49
Airia                             44
Vibram FiveFingers   31

*for multinational companies, I used the USA based company. Most brands will have a separate Klout score for each country that have social media accounts in. There were a few companies that I could not find a Klout score for.

Interpret this information however you like…

By way of comparison, my Klout score is 56. Barack Obama is at 99. Fortunately, Justin Bieber was at 100 and has now dropped to 92!

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