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The Ethics of Doing a Gait Analysis

I often enjoy playing the provocateur and can frequently make statements to have that effect. They are not done to be mischevious but are typically done to encourage critical self-reflection, mostly in the context questioning one’s own clinical practice and reflecting on improving that. There is always a context and a purpose. Often those comments […]

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The effect of forefoot varus on the hip and knee and the effect of the hip and knee on forefoot supinatus …

…. say what? This study, that I will get to eventually, gives me the opportunity to address an issue I have been wanting to get to for a while, so the appearance of the research was timely. The issues surrounding forefoot varus and forefoot supinatus, even just not only on the terminology, but the diagnosis […]

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‘Overpronation’ and running injury risk

‘Overpronation’ still continues to be misused and misunderstood all the way from the medical literature to the fan boys in the crankosphere blogosphere. For example, there was this study that got a lot of recent mileage in the mainstream media and the blogosphere that claimed to show that foot pronation was not associated with injury risk. It […]

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The concept of ‘core stability’ of the foot

The concept of spinal ‘core stability’ is given a lot of prominence in the media, by coaches and by therapists and is allegedly an important concept for prevention of running injury, low back pain and postural related issues. It has gained widespread acceptance. Despite this, the definitive evidence supporting the concept is lacking; anecdotally a […]

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Rearfoot and Midfoot/Forefoot Impacts in Habitually Shod Runners

When comparing the biomechanics of different foot strike patterns, these reseachers set out to answer the somewhat ambiguous question of whether the biomechanical differences are due to changes in footwear, foot strike, or a combination of the two: Rearfoot and Midfoot/Forefoot Impacts in Habitually Shod Runners Boyer, Elizabeth R.; Rooney, Brandon D.; Derrick, Timothy R. Medicine […]

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Another look at the performance claims by the Airia One running shoe; a theoretical context

A few days ago I wrote about the launch of a new “biomechanically perfect” running shoe, the Airia One that made claims re enhancing performance. I won’t relitigate the issues raised previously, as you can read them here. The post engendered quite a response on Twitter, Facebook and in the blogosphere. One little dig that […]

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