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I did a Chi Running course!

POSTSCRIPT: This is a bit embarrassing. It turns out the “coach” that run the course I did was NOT a credentialed Chi running coach and was operating outside the framework or umbrella of the Chi running organisation. Please interpret the comments I make below in that context. _____________________________________________________________ I will start by saying that I […]

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Decreasing vertical impact loads via increasing ankle loads in Chi Runners

Hot on the heels of the systematic review last week that confirmed the adage that you can’t decrease the load in one tissue without increasing it in another and that different running techniques load different tissues differently, we have another study: A Comparison of Negative Joint Work and Vertical Ground Reaction Force Loading Rates between […]

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Impact Reduction with Chi Running

When new research is published, its always intriguing to watch how different communities respond to it and the interpretation or spin that gets put on it¹. I already discussed the The ‘Running Shoes Causing Knee Osteoarthritis’ Debacle in a previous article and how the spinning and re spinning of false headlines lead to a myth. This […]

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Review: Chi Marathon

In an effort to learn and understand what is going on with all the different trends in running over the last few years, I have purchased a lot of books. Lots of them have been a waste of money. Chi Marathon, by Danny Dreyer was certainly one of them. I already have a copy of […]

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