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Myofascial self release and how to ruin a good study

POSTSCRIPT: The manuscript of this paper has now been changed and a number of my comments are redundant. Please see the comments below. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I feel really sad when I see what is a well conducted and thought out study that the authors do the wrong analysis on and it got through the peer review […]

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Injecting a Placebo to Run Faster!

Not exactly one from within my area of expertise, but worthy of posting: The Effects of an Injected Placebo on Endurance Running Performance. Ross, Ramzy; Gray, Cindy M.; Gill, Jason M. R. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: November 19, 2014 PURPOSE: To quantify the placebo effect magnitude on endurance running performance, in ‘real-world’ […]

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Effect of listening to music on running

This is another one of those way outside my area of expertise, but I just have to write about it! I previously covered another study on Enhancing Running Performance by Coupling Cadence with the Right Beats in which I mentioned that when I listen to something while running, I listen to podcasts from The Skeptics […]

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Weightbearing Exercise for those with Diabetes

I don’t need to preach to the converted about the health benefits of running (or any form of exercise) for those with diabetes. Among other things its going to help general well-being; helps with weight control; and it has some specific benefits such as increasing insulin sensitivity. It is not without its dangers in terms […]

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It’s My Way or the Highway

I can’t take any credit for this; but I have long been a reader of PsychBlog and their latest post struck a cord with me and am sure it will with a lot of other people: It’s My Way or the Highway: Why People Are Evangelists for Their Own Way of Life Does that sound […]

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