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Running Shoes Boot Camp

Time for some shameless self-promotion. I have been running my online Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp since last year (you can enrol and start it at any time). It has been very popular and its kept me busy. Now, if I was not busy enough I have launched another course in the same format on Running […]

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Myofascial self release and how to ruin a good study

POSTSCRIPT: The manuscript of this paper has now been changed and a number of my comments are redundant. Please see the comments below. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I feel really sad when I see what is a well conducted and thought out study that the authors do the wrong analysis on and it got through the peer review […]

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Injecting a Placebo to Run Faster!

Not exactly one from within my area of expertise, but worthy of posting: The Effects of an Injected Placebo on Endurance Running Performance. Ross, Ramzy; Gray, Cindy M.; Gill, Jason M. R. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: November 19, 2014 PURPOSE: To quantify the placebo effect magnitude on endurance running performance, in ‘real-world’ […]

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Effect of listening to music on running

This is another one of those way outside my area of expertise, but I just have to write about it! I previously covered another study on Enhancing Running Performance by Coupling Cadence with the Right Beats in which I mentioned that when I listen to something while running, I listen to podcasts from The Skeptics […]

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Weightbearing Exercise for those with Diabetes

I don’t need to preach to the converted about the health benefits of running (or any form of exercise) for those with diabetes. Among other things its going to help general well-being; helps with weight control; and it has some specific benefits such as increasing insulin sensitivity. It is not without its dangers in terms […]

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It’s My Way or the Highway

I can’t take any credit for this; but I have long been a reader of PsychBlog and their latest post struck a cord with me and am sure it will with a lot of other people: It’s My Way or the Highway: Why People Are Evangelists for Their Own Way of Life Does that sound […]

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