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Impact loads in barefoot and shoe running

I currently sitting in Toronto airport waiting for a flight, so will not say anything much on this: The effects of barefoot and barefoot inspired footwear on tibiofemoral kinetics during running Jonathan Sinclair Human Movement. ISSN (Online) 1899-1955, DOI: 10.1515/humo-2016-0022, October 2016 Purpose. The current investigation aimed to examine the effects of running barefoot and […]

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Impact Related Factors and Running Injury

I have blogged before (Just How Significant are Heel Impacts at Causing Injury When Running?) and repeatedly commented that the evidence that links impact related factors to running injuries is far from compelling. I am not saying they don’t, it is just that the evidence supporting the link is not strong (and one study has […]

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Rearfoot and Midfoot/Forefoot Impacts in Habitually Shod Runners

When comparing the biomechanics of different foot strike patterns, these reseachers set out to answer the somewhat ambiguous question of whether the biomechanical differences are due to changes in footwear, foot strike, or a combination of the two: Rearfoot and Midfoot/Forefoot Impacts in Habitually Shod Runners Boyer, Elizabeth R.; Rooney, Brandon D.; Derrick, Timothy R. Medicine […]

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Decreasing vertical impact loads via increasing ankle loads in Chi Runners

Hot on the heels of the systematic review last week that confirmed the adage that you can’t decrease the load in one tissue without increasing it in another and that different running techniques load different tissues differently, we have another study: A Comparison of Negative Joint Work and Vertical Ground Reaction Force Loading Rates between […]

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Running Asymmetry, Loading Rate and Injury Risk

Asymmetry in the gait is common and is assumed to not necessarily be a good thing for a unidirectional activity such as running, especially if the asymmetry is in impact loads. Various intervention strategies are often used to make the gait more symmetrical, if the asymmetry is assumed to contribute to any injury or gait inefficiency that is present. […]

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Impact Reduction Through Changing to Midfoot Strike Pattern vs Low Drop Footwear

There has been considerable interest recently in altering running technique to reduce impact loads and loading rates in the belief that this might reduce injury rates. There was a recent study I previously wrote about and now there is this one: Impact reduction through long-term intervention in recreational runners: midfoot strike pattern versus low-drop/low-heel height […]

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Impact Reduction with Chi Running

When new research is published, its always intriguing to watch how different communities respond to it and the interpretation or spin that gets put on it¹. I already discussed the The ‘Running Shoes Causing Knee Osteoarthritis’ Debacle in a previous article and how the spinning and re spinning of false headlines lead to a myth. This […]

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