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See what you want to believe in

There is quite a body of work in the psychology literature on optical and perceptual illusions and how they are influenced by seeing what you want to see. I certainly know very little about the psychology and science of this (though I have fun looking at some). I do know enough to know there is […]

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Science vs Pseudoscience

There is probably not a lot I can say about this; the image speaks for itself. It was put together by the Skeptics Guide to the Universe (I listen to their podcasts on my longer runs). I also used this image below in a previous post and its worth repeating as it still resonates with […]

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The ‘appeal to antiquity’ fallacy

I have already written on a number of other fallacies that often get used. The ‘appeal to antiquity‘ is another commonly used logical fallacy that is often used when the assumption is that something is better because it is older, is traditional, or has “always has been done.” An often cited example is: “Homeopathy has […]

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‘Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies’

Anyone with an interest in science is probably familiar with the logical fallacies so widely used by the touters of quackery, pseudoscience and woo. I have written about a number of them in the context of ‘running’ and there are a lot more to come. I recently came across this poster that summarizes the key […]

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‘Wishful Thinking’

‘Wishful thinking‘ is a fallacy or, more appropriately, a cognitive bias that puts people in the radar of the skeptics (…and me ☺). According to the Skeptics Dictionary: Wishful thinking is interpreting facts, reports, events, perceptions, etc., according to what one would like to be the case rather than according to the actual evidence. It […]

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OMG, have we got this so wrong!

After years of toiling away in the biomechanics lab, devouring all the research I could, publishing research, attending and speaking at conferences and treating 1000’s of patients and passing all that wisdom on to students, I have recently learnt that I got things so very very wrong. You see, all that fuss about overpronation, really […]

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The ‘Appeal to Authority’ Fallacy

An appeal to an authority is commonly used fallacy that you see around running related articles, forums and blogs, especially in the comments section of blogs. It is an argument that attempts to establish its conclusion by referencing someone who a perceived authority or expert who claims that something is true. The appeal to authority […]

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Why Ineffective Treatments Sometimes Work

I periodically have a problem with my Achilles tendon. The last bout I had was cured when I incorporated some steep hills into my running. Should I start singing from the hilltops that I have found the cure for Achilles tendonitis?; should I treat every runner I see with Achilles tendonitis by getting them to […]

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The ‘Natural’ Running Fallacy

It is common to see products being marketed as being natural and the implication that because it is natural it has to be better for you. Whole professions are built around the natural being better claims. It is also common to see claims that different running techniques or forms being better for you as they are […]

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