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The Minimalist Index for running shoes

One of the problems with running shoe research is that different running shoe manufacturers use a different set of design features to try and achieve the same effect. For example, there are a number of different design features that could be considered attempts at ‘motion control’. If a study uses a shoe with one of […]

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Effect of shoe drop on running mechanics

The topic of the “drop” keeps coming up and has generated a lot of interest as well as the usual rhetoric and propaganda. It is defined as the difference between the heel and forefoot height of the shoe, which is more appropriately called the ‘pitch’, but the term ‘drop’, rightly or wrongly, has become the […]

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The effect of shoe drop on running pattern

I previously had a go at the issue of what is an ideal drop¹ for a running shoe and started with the conclusion: Straight to it: based on my understanding of the current knowledge, the evidence and discarding all the logical fallacies, I can find no evidence and no rationale for any blanket recommendations for any […]

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Impact Reduction Through Changing to Midfoot Strike Pattern vs Low Drop Footwear

There has been considerable interest recently in altering running technique to reduce impact loads and loading rates in the belief that this might reduce injury rates. There was a recent study I previously wrote about and now there is this one: Impact reduction through long-term intervention in recreational runners: midfoot strike pattern versus low-drop/low-heel height […]

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