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Running Shoes Can Control Motion

There certainly has been a lot of comments in recent years about how ineffective that running shoes actually are supposed to be at controlling motion and I have sort have gone along with that as that is probably what the preponderance of data was showing. I did take a brief look at this earlier this […]

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The Re-emergence of the Minimal Running Shoe

This just turned up in my alerts “The Re-emergence of the Minimal Running Shoe” …. hmmmm, I was puzzled. I thought the opposite was happening and maybe I had missed a swing back the other way. For example a few months ago, Lower Extremity Review covered it this way: The rise and fall of minimalist […]

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Prescribing Running Shoes Based on Arch Height

I think we have known for a while that the data supporting a prescribing of running shoes based on the “pronation” paradigm is either lacking evidence or not supported, not withstanding the largely superficial understanding of the concepts and the superficial interpretation of the various studies and their implications. Some of the studies on this […]

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Hoka One One vs Vibram FiveFingers

Last night in a fit of boredom (and to take my mind of the little brats before bedtime!) I looked at the search volumes in Google for all the different running shoes brands and promised I would not really make any comments on the data. I lied. While you have to take the data for […]

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Another look at the performance claims by the Airia One running shoe; a theoretical context

A few days ago I wrote about the launch of a new “biomechanically perfect” running shoe, the Airia One that made claims re enhancing performance. I won’t relitigate the issues raised previously, as you can read them here. The post engendered quite a response on Twitter, Facebook and in the blogosphere. One little dig that […]

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Continuing to heel strike after transition to minimalist running shoes

I blogged back in July about a study that showed: Increased Lower Limb Loading with use of Minimalist Running Shoes and now we have another related publication: Short term changes in running mechanics and foot strike pattern following introduction to minimalistic footwear. Willson JD, Bjorhus JS, Williams B 3rd, Butler RJ, Porcari JP, Kernozek TW. […]

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Review: The Lydiard EB Brütting Road Runner!

Arthrur Lydiard is probably one of the, if not the, most influential running coaches ever. I had the privilege of knowing him and doing some work with him in my dark distant past. Whenever I see his name mentioned, I tend to pay attention. Occasionally, I have seen his name used in the context of […]

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