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Clustering of foot strike patterns when running

While it is well known that the foot strike pattern does vary with velocity, it is not the sole determinant of the foot strike pattern as many elite runners heel strike when running fast and a runner’s self determination of their foot strike pattern appears to be poor. However, the data that quantifies velocity and […]

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The Effect of Cadence Manipulation on Plantar Pressures

Cadence manipulation is increasingly being used as a tool to manage overuse injuries in runners and I have previously reviewed two recent studies: Increasing cadence and patellofemoral forces and Increasing Cadence and Running Injury. Increasing the cadence does decrease the load on some tissues, but increases the load on others, so its going to be six […]

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Effect of barefoot running on economy and muscle action

There has been a flurry of studies on the effects of foot strike pattern or shoe condition on running economy this year. They are all pretty much showing the same thing. I have blogged about them here, here, here, here, here and here, so there is no point litigating old ground again. Two more related studies recently appeared. I can’t say a lot […]

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