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Foot Strike Pattern and Injury Rates

Like the running economy and footwear type issue, I have been meaning to write for a while an article that summarizes the studies on the differences in injury rates between heel strikers and non-heel strikers; but before I got to doing it another two studies appear, so its worth writing about those. To date we […]

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Foot strike pattern and performance in a marathon

This study was recently published. It filmed runners at the 8.1km mark of the 2011 Milwaukee Marathon to determine the foot strike pattern and correlate that to performance. Here is the abstract Foot-Strike Pattern and Performance in a Marathon Mark E. Kasmer, Xue-cheng Liu, Kyle G. Roberts, Jason M. Valadao IJSPP Volume 8, Issue 3, […]

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Pose Running and Running Economy

This is not exactly new research (its from 2005), but the response to the research in the blogosphere has been telling and follows a familiar pattern and it still continues to be mentioned, which kindled my interest to revisit this paper and review the reaction to it (which is what I like doing!). This study […]

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What is the “best” running form?

What is the best way to run? What is the “correct” running form? Is it Pose running?; Chi running?: heel, midfoot or forefoot striking?; maximalist or minimalist? Advocates and evangelists of them all argue that they are the best and usually cite a whole lot of references to back their cases. What does that evidence […]

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Shoe Wedging or Gait Retraining for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?

Medial tibial stress syndrome is the more common condition that gets lumped under that way overused, meaningless and stupid term, ‘shin splints‘. There is somewhat of a muddled picture as to exactly what medial tibial stress syndrome really is (ie bone stress injury, periostitis, muscle insertion problem, etc or a combination of some those). There […]

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