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The concept of ‘Supination Resistance’

For some time now the link between ‘overpronation’ and overuse injury has been known to be tenuous, but the most recent evidence does suggest that there is a small, but statistically significant risk for injury (but then that depends on how you want to spin that evidence and actually define what ‘overpronation’ even is, but […]

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The ‘abductory twist’ during gait

The abductory twist during gait is not a condition and not a diagnosis. It is an observation during gait (specifically at the time of heel off or heel unweighting) that is reasonably common and can be due to a number of underlying entities. In an abductory twist, there is a rapid abduction of the heel, […]

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Risk of Injury From ‘Pronation’

“Overpronation” and “pronation” are by and large misunderstood and most discussions of it are based on the straw man fallacy and a superficial understanding of it. This means that those discussing “overpronation” and “pronation” are actually discussing something it is not, and then discussing or critiquing that false characterization. I have already done one rant […]

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