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‘Overpronation’ and achilles tendon blood flow

Those who have done one of my Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camps know the dilemma I have of about the pathomechanical link between foot biomechanics and load in the Achilles tendon, and the speculation that it’s potentially a joint moment issue at the subtalar joint and not the ankle joint. Having said that, this new study […]

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Barefoot Running and ‘Overpronation’

I previously noted that some barefoot runners claim that the height of the arch of their feet increased after taking up barefoot running; others claim no change and, much to their dismay, some even have reported a decrease in their arch height. Some have documented changes in arch shape with photographs, and others have faked […]

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Prescribing Running Shoes Based on Arch Height

I think we have known for a while that the data supporting a prescribing of running shoes based on the “pronation” paradigm is either lacking evidence or not supported, not withstanding the largely superficial understanding of the concepts and the superficial interpretation of the various studies and their implications. Some of the studies on this […]

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Time to recovery following a running injury

When you are sick you always want to know how long until go are going to get better. The same when you come down with a running overuse injury. The answer to the question of ‘how long’ is somewhat of a loaded one, as if you keep on doing exactly what caused the injury, then […]

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‘Overpronation’ and running injury risk

‘Overpronation’ still continues to be misused and misunderstood all the way from the medical literature to the fan boys in the crankosphere blogosphere. For example, there was this study that got a lot of recent mileage in the mainstream media and the blogosphere that claimed to show that foot pronation was not associated with injury risk. It […]

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Foot posture and Q-angle and running-related injuries

Here is another one on foot posture and running injury. I previously looked at the nonsense surrounding “overpronation”; how the media and the running blogs and forums fell for a hyped press release on how “overpronation” was not a risk factor (when in reality they removed all the high risk “overpronators” from the study); and […]

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The concept of ‘Supination Resistance’

For some time now the link between ‘overpronation’ and overuse injury has been known to be tenuous, but the most recent evidence does suggest that there is a small, but statistically significant risk for injury (but then that depends on how you want to spin that evidence and actually define what ‘overpronation’ even is, but […]

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The ‘abductory twist’ during gait

The abductory twist during gait is not a condition and not a diagnosis. It is an observation during gait (specifically at the time of heel off or heel unweighting) that is reasonably common and can be due to a number of underlying entities. In an abductory twist, there is a rapid abduction of the heel, […]

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Risk of Injury From ‘Pronation’

“Overpronation” and “pronation” are by and large misunderstood and most discussions of it are based on the straw man fallacy and a superficial understanding of it. This means that those discussing “overpronation” and “pronation” are actually discussing something it is not, and then discussing or critiquing that false characterization. I have already done one rant […]

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