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Weightbearing Exercise for those with Diabetes

I don’t need to preach to the converted about the health benefits of running (or any form of exercise) for those with diabetes. Among other things its going to help general well-being; helps with weight control; and it has some specific benefits such as increasing insulin sensitivity. It is not without its dangers in terms […]

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Achilles Tendinopathy and Body Mass Index

Achilles tendinopathy is no different to any other overuse injury in that the cause is the cumulative loads in the tissue are beyond what the tissue can take. There are a number of factors that increases the cumulative loads and make the tissues more susceptible to those loads. One of the factors that is assumed […]

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Behavioural Risk Factors for Running Injury

This is getting somewhat out of my area of expertise, but I still going to write about it! This study looked at a selected group of parameters to prospectively determine which one of them was a risk factor for a running related injury. Here is the abstract: Predictors of Running-Related Injuries Among 930 Novice Runners; […]

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Obesity and running injury

There can be no doubt about the problem of the epidemic of obesity that is having significant impacts and costs on society and triggering debate over who should be meeting those costs. On one hand, society has a responsibility to its citizens, but an individual also has responsibility to not  be  burden on that society. […]

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