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‘Overpronation’ and achilles tendon blood flow

Those who have done one of my Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camps know the dilemma I have of about the pathomechanical link between foot biomechanics and load in the Achilles tendon, and the speculation that it’s potentially a joint moment issue at the subtalar joint and not the ankle joint. Having said that, this new study […]

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Risk factors for achilles tendon pain in runners

Last week I reported on a study that found a correlation between timing of events of the gluteal muscles and achilles tendinopathy. This was a correlation study and the achilles pain could have easily altered the gait to give the findings in the gluteal muscles or it could be that the gluteal muscles timing issue […]

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The Glutes and Achilles Tendinopathy

There is an ever increasing attention being paid to the role of proximal issues in the development of lower limb injuries. This most recent publication from Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise adds to the knowledge base: Neuromotor Control of Gluteal Muscles in Runners with Achilles Tendinopathy Smith, Melinda M.; Honeywill, Conor; Wyndow, Narelle; […]

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Achilles Tendinopathy and Body Mass Index

Achilles tendinopathy is no different to any other overuse injury in that the cause is the cumulative loads in the tissue are beyond what the tissue can take. There are a number of factors that increases the cumulative loads and make the tissues more susceptible to those loads. One of the factors that is assumed […]

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