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Each year Lava Magazine has been publishing the running shoe counts from “Kona”, the Ironman in Hawaii. They just published the 2015 data from David Jewel at Shoe Ranger of the shoes worn in the marathon leg. I have been putting into table form their data from over the years:
Kona shoe count
Just a couple of notes:
– due to a gremlin, I left Nike out and when adding them back, I could not find the 2009-2011 data
– in 2011 they included less shoes in ‘Other’, so more brands got mentioned that year; most of those brands are in ‘Other’ in subsequent years

I only post it for interest without any interpretation, like I did previously with the search engine popularity of the different running shoes brands.

How do the above figures stack up at other events?
Here are Shoe Ranger’s figures from the 2015 Boston Marathon:
and for more, here are their numbers from a 10 mile race in California.

One can not help notice the emergence of the Hoka One One brand as now being one of the dominant brands and the failure of the minimalist brands to make any headway. Who remembers the jokes about the Hoka’s being ‘clown shoes’ when they were first released at the height of the minimalist fad and the predictions made then by the fan boys?. Guess who is laughing now? The maximalist Hoka One One now outsells the entire minimalist category of running shoes at the run specialty level.

As always: I go where the evidence takes me until convinced otherwise…and these are the numbers and runners have voted with their feet.

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