Running Economy

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Running economy barefoot, in minimalist shoes and traditional running shoes
Running Economy and Foot Strike Pattern
Yet again, more of the same …
Transistion to Minimalist Running Shoes With or Without Gait Retraining?
The Effect of Footwear on Running Performance
Better running economy with softer shoes
Metabolic comparison of running shod and barefoot in mid-forefoot runners
Effect of Pose/Chi type running instruction on running economy
Yet another study shows heel striking is more efficient than midfoot striking
Effect of barefoot running on economy and muscle action
Foot strike pattern and ground-contact time – effect on economy of running
Running Shoes and Economy of Running
Running economy: Forefoot vs Rearfoot striking
Running Shoes and Running Economy
Running Economy and Shoe Heel Height
The ‘actuator lugs’ on the Newton Running Shoes
Effect of 0 and 4mm drop running shoes on running economy
Pose Running and Running Economy
Preferred Foot Strike Pattern and Soft Tissue Vibration

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