How Good are Runners at Self Identifying Their Foot Strike Pattern?

They’re not:

There is now more evidence from when I last wrote about this.

Shorten (2014)
“In the lab: of 17 runners that said they were heel strikers, only 14 really were; of the 20 that said they were midfoot strikers, not one them actually really were; of the 7 that said they were forefoot strikers, only 2 of them really were; ie 93% of those who said they were non-heel strikers were actually heel strikers”
Goss et al; (2012)
“Approximately 1/3 of experienced MS runners in this sample misclassified their footstrike pattern, and demonstrated a rearfoot strike pattern ”
Goss et al (2015):
“Only 41 (68.3%) runners reported foot-strike patterns that agreed with the video assessment”
Zdzarski et al (2015):
“46.9% of runners correctly identified their foot strike pattern and 53.1% incorrectly identified their pattern” (Presented at the ACSM Meeting; San Diego May 2015; not published)
Bade et al (2016):
“The cross-country and recreational runners could correctly self-identified their foot strike pattern 56.5% and 43.5% of the time, respectively.”

As always, I go where the evidence takes me until convinced otherwise ….and runners are not good at self identifying their foot strike pattern. They get it wrong half of the time.

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