Comments Policy

While I welcome and encourage comments on posts and interaction with those that read them, I do not approve them all for publication. I only really want those comments that contribute to the topic and not the throw away clichéd one liners.

I not going to approve:

  • obvious spam
  • link drops
  • disrespectful comments
  • those that do not contribute to the topic
  • through away one liners
  • posts from sock puppets
  • posts from trolls

I am not trying to censor topics, I just do not have the patience to engage with trolls, loons, snake oil peddlers, sock puppets, cherry pickers, spammers, woo promoters or pseudoscientific dribblers. I only want to engage with those who have something useful to say and add value to the topic. Disagreements and differences of opinion are fine, but only if they are rational and not laden with all the unnatural thinking fallacies (for eg see my response to the comment here).

I have also stopped approving testimonials and anecdotes lately. Testimonials and anecdotes are not evidence and add nothing of any real value. This is an evidence based science blog. The only times anecdotes get approved is when they have some science in them to put them in the appropriate context. For more on the uselessness of anecdotal “evidence” see Rational Wiki.

I also can give not medical advice to those with problems. As much as I want to help, it just takes up way too much of my time that I do not get paid for.

I also travel a fair bit, so can be on plane between the southern and northern hemisphere for long period of time, so am away from the computer to approve comments often, so if there is a delay, please be patient. Once you have a comment approved, future comments should be automatically approved.

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