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Review: The Story of the Human Body

A number of years ago, with the original surge in interest in things like barefoot running and paleo diets a concept that occasionally got mentioned was that of “evolutionary medicine”. I had no idea what that was, but like any good academic I did what a good academic should do and went to that great […]

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Review: The Lydiard EB Brütting Road Runner!

Arthrur Lydiard is probably one of the, if not the, most influential running coaches ever. I had the privilege of knowing him and doing some work with him in my dark distant past. Whenever I see his name mentioned, I tend to pay attention. Occasionally, I have seen his name used in the context of […]

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Review: Chi Marathon

In an effort to learn and understand what is going on with all the different trends in running over the last few years, I have purchased a lot of books. Lots of them have been a waste of money. Chi Marathon, by Danny Dreyer was certainly one of them. I already have a copy of […]

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