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Arch height and running shoe prescribing …all is not as it seems?

The prevailing paradigm for a long time for the prescription of running shoes was based on concepts like the amount of “pronation”, the related issue of arch height and foot print analysis. The accumulated evidence, despite the widespread nonsensical writing about “overpronation” (and fueled by a healthy dose of the Dunning-Kruger effect) pointed to this approach […]

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Running Shoes Can Control Motion

There certainly has been a lot of comments in recent years about how ineffective that running shoes actually are supposed to be at controlling motion and I have sort have gone along with that as that is probably what the preponderance of data was showing. I did take a brief look at this earlier this […]

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The Re-emergence of the Minimal Running Shoe

This just turned up in my alerts “The Re-emergence of the Minimal Running Shoe” …. hmmmm, I was puzzled. I thought the opposite was happening and maybe I had missed a swing back the other way. For example a few months ago, Lower Extremity Review covered it this way: The rise and fall of minimalist […]

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Prescribing Running Shoes Based on Arch Height

I think we have known for a while that the data supporting a prescribing of running shoes based on the “pronation” paradigm is either lacking evidence or not supported, not withstanding the largely superficial understanding of the concepts and the superficial interpretation of the various studies and their implications. Some of the studies on this […]

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The effect of shoe drop on running pattern

I previously had a go at the issue of what is an ideal drop¹ for a running shoe and started with the conclusion: Straight to it: based on my understanding of the current knowledge, the evidence and discarding all the logical fallacies, I can find no evidence and no rationale for any blanket recommendations for any […]

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The effect of minimal shoes on arch structure and intrinsic foot muscle strength

Lets go back to the perennial question on foot muscle strength and traditionally shod running vs barefoot/minimalist running with the publication of this new research: The effect of minimal shoes on arch structure and intrinsic foot muscle strength Elizabeth E. Miller, Katherine K. Whitcome, Daniel E. Lieberman, Heather L. Norton, Rachael E. Dyer Journal of […]

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Can running shoes control motion?

I have been meaning to look at this issue in a lot more depth for a while now as my understanding of the preponderance of literature (which I freely admit I have not looked closely at again recently, hence wanting to have a closer look) is that on average, running shoes, specifically ‘motion control’ shoes, […]

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