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Continuing to heel strike after transition to minimalist running shoes

I blogged back in July about a study that showed: Increased Lower Limb Loading with use of Minimalist Running Shoes and now we have another related publication: Short term changes in running mechanics and foot strike pattern following introduction to minimalistic footwear. Willson JD, Bjorhus JS, Williams B 3rd, Butler RJ, Porcari JP, Kernozek TW. […]

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The carbon footprint from running shoes

Whenever I fly, I always pay the extra $ for what the airline I usually use call ‘carbon offsets’. As I travel a lot (probably too much), it gives me the warm fuzzies known I have done something to reduce the carbon footprint of my travel. During the last few weeks I was a parent […]

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Latest Figures and Surprise Comment on Running Shoes Sales

[stextbox id=”warning” caption=”Advertisement:”]Paleo Recipe Book | 100 Day Marathon Plan[/stextbox] The commentary on athletic footwear sales for the first quarter of 2013 has just come out from SportsOneSource. The analyst, Matt Powell made the following comments (my emphasis added): Running, declared dead by the stock market, continues to accelerate. Sales of Running shoes grew in the high […]

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Do running shoes weaken muscles?

We have all seen the claims on blogs, in articles and on places like You Tube that running shoes weaken muscles and that is why we should not be using the big bulky motion controlling running shoes. The claims are made quite regularly and with a certain amount of assertiveness that you would have to […]

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Update on the Vibram FiveFingers Class Action

UPDATE on the UPDATE: They have settled (2 May 2014) In 2012, two class actions suits were filed in the USA against Vibram FiveFingers. The first alleges the company used deceptive statements about the health benefits of barefoot running to sell their footwear. The lawsuit asserts that: 1) health benefits claims Vibram FiveFingers has used […]

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Do Toning Shoes Work?

Everyone with an opinion on toning shoes is jumping on the bandwagon of them not working or working depending on which side of the fence you are on. Toning shoes do work for some things and do not work for others, so to make a blanket, they do not work claim is as nonsensical as […]

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