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RCT of traditional running shoes vs minimalist running shoes

Several previous prospective randomized studies have looked at injury rates between those using the traditional running shoes and barefoot/minimalist running shoes. I reviewed two here and here and did not review this one. I won’t relitigate the issues surrounding the claims regarding injury rates as I commented on that in those posts. However, the conclusions […]

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The running shoe for the sub-2 hr marathon

I previously blogged about the wishful thinking fallacy, pseudoscience and quackery claim that the first sub 2 hour marathon will be run barefoot 2 years ago and nothing since then has convinced me to change my mind. If anything, the opposite has been the case. My belief is that the running shoe that is used […]

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Running Shoe Counts

Each year Lava Magazine has been publishing the running shoe counts from “Kona”, the Ironman in Hawaii. They just published the 2015 data from David Jewel at Shoe Ranger of the shoes worn in the marathon leg. I have been putting into table form their data from over the years: Just a couple of notes: […]

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