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Shoe inserts for Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

It is always a pleasure to comment on some good research that really has the potential to change clinical practice; its just a shame that bad science keeps me distracted from commenting on the good science. Journals have a responsibility to not publish bad science, so hopefully no one does bad science. As much as […]

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Muscle strength in shod, minimalist and foot orthotic wearing runners

I going to start off with this image¹: There is plenty of the usual propaganda and rhetoric about foot orthotics weakening muscles in the crankosphere blogosphere, therefore they are evil: Truth or lie? I already addressed the issue of running shoes weakening muscles (they don’t); but that has not stopped the fan boys still claiming that they […]

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Foot Orthotics and Patellofemoral Pain

The focus in recent times on patellofemoral pain or anterior knee pain in runners has all been on the proximal issues despite two randomized controlled trials showing that distal issues (ie foot orthotics) work (see Collins et al & Eng et al). A number of proximal risk factors have been potentially identified and the concept of load reduction […]

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Do Foot Orthotics Really Work?

Of course they do. If anyone claims otherwise, they are making it up! Every single clinical outcome study (patient satisfaction; outcome study; controlled and uncontrolled study; randomized control trial), and there is now a lot of them, has shown that they work (except for one on bunions in kids); every systematic review of the evidence […]

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‘Barefoot Science’ Insoles

If I was to invent an insole, maybe one with some fancy ‘bells and whistles‘ and then simply made the claim that it strengthens the muscles of the foot, would you believe me? What if I added the word ‘barefoot’ to the products name to make it sound impressive? Would you believe me then? Of […]

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