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Barefoot Running: Current state of the play

I previously wrote about the lack of evidence that supports barefoot running despite all the claims you still see appearing in the crankosphere blogosphere that there is a lot of scientific research that supports barefoot running (there isn’t). It is that lack of evidence in the context of all the claims that there is evidence […]

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Kinematic changes after 12 weeks of running in minimalist running shoes

One of the potential shortcomings of kinematic, kinetic and metabolic studies of barefoot or minimalist running versus traditional shod running is that acute interventions are often used, rather than a prolonged period of habituation to the different conditions under study. It is not known if what is found in these acute intervention studies will still […]

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Continuing to heel strike after transition to minimalist running shoes

I blogged back in July about a study that showed: Increased Lower Limb Loading with use of Minimalist Running Shoes and now we have another related publication: Short term changes in running mechanics and foot strike pattern following introduction to minimalistic footwear. Willson JD, Bjorhus JS, Williams B 3rd, Butler RJ, Porcari JP, Kernozek TW. […]

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Foot Strike Pattern and Injury Rates

Like the running economy and footwear type issue, I have been meaning to write for a while an article that summarizes the studies on the differences in injury rates between heel strikers and non-heel strikers; but before I got to doing it another two studies appear, so its worth writing about those. To date we […]

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Latest Figures and Surprise Comment on Running Shoes Sales

[stextbox id=”warning” caption=”Advertisement:”]Paleo Recipe Book | 100 Day Marathon Plan[/stextbox] The commentary on athletic footwear sales for the first quarter of 2013 has just come out from SportsOneSource. The analyst, Matt Powell made the following comments (my emphasis added): Running, declared dead by the stock market, continues to accelerate. Sales of Running shoes grew in the high […]

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