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Severs Disease in kids that run

This one has me intrigued and is a good example of how agendas can interfere with the management of clinical problems. Severs disease or calcaneal apophysitis is an overuse injury that occurs to the growth plate at the back of the calcaneus or heel bone that is more common between the ages of 10 to […]

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Why Ineffective Treatments Sometimes Work

I periodically have a problem with my Achilles tendon. The last bout I had was cured when I incorporated some steep hills into my running. Should I start singing from the hilltops that I have found the cure for Achilles tendonitis?; should I treat every runner I see with Achilles tendonitis by getting them to […]

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Shoe Wedging or Gait Retraining for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?

Medial tibial stress syndrome is the more common condition that gets lumped under that way overused, meaningless and stupid term, ‘shin splints‘. There is somewhat of a muddled picture as to exactly what medial tibial stress syndrome really is (ie bone stress injury, periostitis, muscle insertion problem, etc or a combination of some those). There […]

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Why do overuse injuries occur?

Overuse injuries only occur for one reason: the cumulative loads in the tissue are higher than what the tissue can tolerate. Its that simple. This means that prevention and treatment of on overuse injury is going to be based on reducing that cumulative load in the tissue and increasing the ability of the tissue to […]

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