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Differences in injury rates between…

… barefoot vs shod? … foot strike pattern? This just showed up in my alerts: The Science of Running: Factors Contributing to Injury Rates in Shod and Unshod Populations MacKenzie, Ryan; MacKenzie, Lene; Martinez, Alicia; and Cardoza, Marisol Student-Faculty Research – School of Physical Therapy. Paper 6. 2014 This appears to be a poster presentation […]

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Arch height and running shoe prescribing …all is not as it seems?

The prevailing paradigm for a long time for the prescription of running shoes was based on concepts like the amount of “pronation”, the related issue of arch height and foot print analysis. The accumulated evidence, despite the widespread nonsensical writing about “overpronation” (and fueled by a healthy dose of the Dunning-Kruger effect) pointed to this approach […]

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Quality of the information on Kinesio Taping

I first became aware of the pretty colored tape and its methods when watching the London Olympics in 2012. Ever since then I have kept a superficial eye on the literature on it and it varies. The research results are mixed as to its effectiveness. A 2013 systematic review concluded: “There currently exists insufficient evidence […]

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Core Muscle Activation and Knee Loads

The ‘core’ is well outside my area of expertise, but I still follow the various cults that think it can cure everything as well as those who think its way overrated. I periodically go back and read this as it appears to me to address all the issues and also this blog post from Cor-Kinetic […]

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“Barefoot Running and Hip Kinematics: Good News for the Knee?”; what about “Bad News for the Ankle”?

I have previously had a dig at the nature of the titles of a number of scientific papers, for example, this paper I previously reviewed was titled: “Forefoot strikers exhibit lower running-induced knee loading than rearfoot strikers“; when it could have just as easy been titled “Forefoot strikers exhibit higher Achilles tendon loading than rearfoot strikers“ […]

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Runners Beliefs About the Risk Factors for Injury

An individual’s health beliefs can be both a hindrance and an aid to the prevention and clinical management of health issues. A runners beliefs about the risk factors for running injuries are part of that wider context of health beliefs, so it was good to see a study starting to explore those issues: What Do […]

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Risk Factors for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

A number of studies have looked at risk factors for medial tibial stress syndrome. I have blogged about a couple of recent ones here and here. When there are enough prospective studies on a topic, there is time for a meta-analysis and systematic review to pool all that data. Here is a new one on […]

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Time to recovery following a running injury

When you are sick you always want to know how long until go are going to get better. The same when you come down with a running overuse injury. The answer to the question of ‘how long’ is somewhat of a loaded one, as if you keep on doing exactly what caused the injury, then […]

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