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Barefoot Running: Current state of the play

I previously wrote about the lack of evidence that supports barefoot running despite all the claims you still see appearing in the crankosphere blogosphere that there is a lot of scientific research that supports barefoot running (there isn’t). It is that lack of evidence in the context of all the claims that there is evidence […]

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How many are doing ‘barefoot’ or ‘minimalism’ running?

I really don’t know and can find no data on the numbers. Judging by what is online there is an extraordinary presence of ‘barefoot’ and ‘minimalism’ running; there are literally 100’s of blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, books, eBooks, YouTube Videos, courses etc promoting it and talking about it everywhere you go online. “Barefoot’ and […]

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Vertical Ground Reaction Forces Produced in Shod Running vs. Barefoot Running

This study turned up in my alerts this morning. It was an undergraduate project from Fort Lewis College in Colorado that has not been ‘published’, but is in poster form and was presented at School of Natural and Behavioral Science Undergraduate Research Symposium on the April 18th. Knowing what my students achieve as part of […]

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