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Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in runners

I am going to type this really slow: Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is serious. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is NOT the same as posterior tibial tendonitis. I try to pull out what little hair I have left when I come across a post on a running forum from a runner wanting advice on posterior tibial […]

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Bone injury and the transition to minimalist running

I have held off somewhat commenting on this research while I watched a number of other blog posts and forum threads on it. As I have stated many times, it is intriguing how so many who are not experienced in the reading, interpretation and critical appraisal of research actually read, interpret and appraise research, especially […]

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Which injuries are probably more common in which foot strike pattern?

Different running forms and different foot strike patterns load different tissues differently. This means that each technique probably has a unique set of specific injuries that they probably increase the risk for compared to a different technique (which is the point I tried to make here). Exactly what injuries are probably more common with different […]

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Severs Disease in kids that run

This one has me intrigued and is a good example of how agendas can interfere with the management of clinical problems. Severs disease or calcaneal apophysitis is an overuse injury that occurs to the growth plate at the back of the calcaneus or heel bone that is more common between the ages of 10 to […]

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Obesity and running injury

There can be no doubt about the problem of the epidemic of obesity that is having significant impacts and costs on society and triggering debate over who should be meeting those costs. On one hand, society has a responsibility to its citizens, but an individual also has responsibility to not  be  burden on that society. […]

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Managing ‘Top of Foot Pain’ in Forefoot Strikers

‘Top of Foot Pain’ (ToFP) or Dorsal Interosseus Midfoot Compression Syndrome¹ (DMICS) is a very common problem in forefoot strikers or minimalist runners. Its actually really easy to treat when you understand it, yet so often it becomes an ongoing problem and on barefoot websites you often see it called, “the dreaded ToFP”! The typical […]

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Shoe Wedging or Gait Retraining for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?

Medial tibial stress syndrome is the more common condition that gets lumped under that way overused, meaningless and stupid term, ‘shin splints‘. There is somewhat of a muddled picture as to exactly what medial tibial stress syndrome really is (ie bone stress injury, periostitis, muscle insertion problem, etc or a combination of some those). There […]

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Why do overuse injuries occur?

Overuse injuries only occur for one reason: the cumulative loads in the tissue are higher than what the tissue can tolerate. Its that simple. This means that prevention and treatment of on overuse injury is going to be based on reducing that cumulative load in the tissue and increasing the ability of the tissue to […]

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Is minimalism an option to manage plantar fasciitis?

More and more blog posts and articles are claiming that minimalist running is the best thing for the management of plantar fasciitis, most of which are from minimalist or barefoot runners who have no clinical experience actually treating the condition, yet seem to hold very strong clinical opinions (for example see this self-appointed expert). They […]

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