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Shoe inserts for Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

It is always a pleasure to comment on some good research that really has the potential to change clinical practice; its just a shame that bad science keeps me distracted from commenting on the good science. Journals have a responsibility to not publish bad science, so hopefully no one does bad science. As much as […]

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Relevant gems from the ACSM meeting

The 2015 American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting is on this week in San Diego. I always enjoy perusing the abstract book for this meeting as there are usually more than a few gems of relevance to my interests. This year was no exception. Rather than review a select few in detail like previous […]

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Foot strike pattern and ground-contact time – effect on economy of running

More studies have been appearing recently on the running economy and running technique issue. Here is the latest new study from the University of Bologna: The concurrent effects of strike pattern and ground-contact time on running economy Rocco Di Michele and Franco Merni Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (in press) Objectives Running economy is […]

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Running Asymmetry, Loading Rate and Injury Risk

Asymmetry in the gait is common and is assumed to not necessarily be a good thing for a unidirectional activity such as running, especially if the asymmetry is in impact loads. Various intervention strategies are often used to make the gait more symmetrical, if the asymmetry is assumed to contribute to any injury or gait inefficiency that is present. […]

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Vertical Ground Reaction Forces Produced in Shod Running vs. Barefoot Running

This study turned up in my alerts this morning. It was an undergraduate project from Fort Lewis College in Colorado that has not been ‘published’, but is in poster form and was presented at School of Natural and Behavioral Science Undergraduate Research Symposium on the April 18th. Knowing what my students achieve as part of […]

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