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Another look at the performance claims by the Airia One running shoe; a theoretical context

A few days ago I wrote about the launch of a new “biomechanically perfect” running shoe, the Airia One that made claims re enhancing performance. I won’t relitigate the issues raised previously, as you can read them here. The post engendered quite a response on Twitter, Facebook and in the blogosphere. One little dig that […]

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Plantar Pressure Patterns and Injury Prediction

Prospective studies add to our knowledge of risk factors for overuse injury. The problem with these types of studies is the choice of variables or parameters to measure. The more variables that are chosen to see if they are or are not predictive, the more participants you need in the study which raises logistical problems. […]

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Review: The Story of the Human Body

A number of years ago, with the original surge in interest in things like barefoot running and paleo diets a concept that occasionally got mentioned was that of “evolutionary medicine”. I had no idea what that was, but like any good academic I did what a good academic should do and went to that great […]

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Effect of barefoot running on economy and muscle action

There has been a flurry of studies on the effects of foot strike pattern or shoe condition on running economy this year. They are all pretty much showing the same thing. I have blogged about them here, here, here, here, here and here, so there is no point litigating old ground again. Two more related studies recently appeared. I can’t say a lot […]

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Risk factors for achilles tendon pain in runners

Last week I reported on a study that found a correlation between timing of events of the gluteal muscles and achilles tendinopathy. This was a correlation study and the achilles pain could have easily altered the gait to give the findings in the gluteal muscles or it could be that the gluteal muscles timing issue […]

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Increasing Cadence and Running Injury

There has been a lot of discussion (as well as a lot of propaganda and rhetoric) and the concept that the getting the cadence to 180 a minute is an ideal way to run and can be used to prevent injury. All appraisals of that concept that I have read suggest its not right. There […]

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Foot posture and Q-angle and running-related injuries

Here is another one on foot posture and running injury. I previously looked at the nonsense surrounding “overpronation”; how the media and the running blogs and forums fell for a hyped press release on how “overpronation” was not a risk factor (when in reality they removed all the high risk “overpronators” from the study); and […]

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