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The Glutes and Achilles Tendinopathy

There is an ever increasing attention being paid to the role of proximal issues in the development of lower limb injuries. This most recent publication from Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise adds to the knowledge base: Neuromotor Control of Gluteal Muscles in Runners with Achilles Tendinopathy Smith, Melinda M.; Honeywill, Conor; Wyndow, Narelle; […]

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Barefoot Running: Current state of the play

I previously wrote about the lack of evidence that supports barefoot running despite all the claims you still see appearing in the crankosphere blogosphere that there is a lot of scientific research that supports barefoot running (there isn’t). It is that lack of evidence in the context of all the claims that there is evidence […]

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Risk factors for medial tibial stress syndrome

Determining the risk factors for any particular injury is important as some are modifiable and addressing these can be used to lower the risk for injury. The best way of doing this is to take a group of runners with no current injury, measure a whole lot of things in them and then prospectively follow […]

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I did a Chi Running course!

POSTSCRIPT: This is a bit embarrassing. It turns out the “coach” that run the course I did was NOT a credentialed Chi running coach and was operating outside the framework or umbrella of the Chi running organisation. Please interpret the comments I make below in that context. _____________________________________________________________ I will start by saying that I […]

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