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Kinematic changes after 12 weeks of running in minimalist running shoes

One of the potential shortcomings of kinematic, kinetic and metabolic studies of barefoot or minimalist running versus traditional shod running is that acute interventions are often used, rather than a prolonged period of habituation to the different conditions under study. It is not known if what is found in these acute intervention studies will still […]

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Decreasing vertical impact loads via increasing ankle loads in Chi Runners

Hot on the heels of the systematic review last week that confirmed the adage that you can’t decrease the load in one tissue without increasing it in another and that different running techniques load different tissues differently, we have another study: A Comparison of Negative Joint Work and Vertical Ground Reaction Force Loading Rates between […]

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Continuing to heel strike after transition to minimalist running shoes

I blogged back in July about a study that showed: Increased Lower Limb Loading with use of Minimalist Running Shoes and now we have another related publication: Short term changes in running mechanics and foot strike pattern following introduction to minimalistic footwear. Willson JD, Bjorhus JS, Williams B 3rd, Butler RJ, Porcari JP, Kernozek TW. […]

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