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Plantar Fasciitis – how then do you treat it?

After writing a previous post criticizing some rhetoric and propaganda on plantar fasciitis¹, I got a couple of complaints that I did not say how to treat it! I didn’t as that was not the purpose of the article! Plantar fasciitis is so common, that everyone is an expert in it. Self diagnosis and self […]

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Kinesio Taping for Foot Posture Problems?

Kinesio taping became all the rage after the TV images of athletes wearing the brightly colored tape on their shoulders and knees for injuries at the 2008 Bejing Olympics. So, of course if Olympic athletes are using it then it must be right and if its a pretty color then it must be even more […]

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The concept of ‘Supination Resistance’

For some time now the link between ‘overpronation’ and overuse injury has been known to be tenuous, but the most recent evidence does suggest that there is a small, but statistically significant risk for injury (but then that depends on how you want to spin that evidence and actually define what ‘overpronation’ even is, but […]

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Review: The Lydiard EB Brütting Road Runner!

Arthrur Lydiard is probably one of the, if not the, most influential running coaches ever. I had the privilege of knowing him and doing some work with him in my dark distant past. Whenever I see his name mentioned, I tend to pay attention. Occasionally, I have seen his name used in the context of […]

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Increasing cadence and patellofemoral forces

Hot on the heels of the study from last week on Barefoot vs Shod and patellofemoral joint stresses which showed that running barefoot reduced patellofemoral stress by 12%, we now have another new study that looked at patellofemoral loads and cadence: Increasing Running Step Rate Reduces Patellofemoral Joint Forces Lenhart, Rachel L.; Thelen, Darryl G.; […]

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