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Running Shoes and Economy of Running

The effect of the type of running shoe as well as running technique on economy of running has obviously been of interest in recent years. It can often be a trade-off between the weight of a shoe; the energy return from the shoe; and the increased muscular effort to midfoot or forefoot strike (and the […]

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Running and the Risk for Osteoarthritis

You still see the claims being made in forums and blogs that heel striking and the cushioned supportive shoes increase stress on the joints and therefore those that heel strike and wear these shoes are going to get more osteoarthritis later in life. I have previously discussed the debacle that followed the release of one […]

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The ‘abductory twist’ during gait

The abductory twist during gait is not a condition and not a diagnosis. It is an observation during gait (specifically at the time of heel off or heel unweighting) that is reasonably common and can be due to a number of underlying entities. In an abductory twist, there is a rapid abduction of the heel, […]

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Barefoot vs Shod and patellofemoral joint stresses

There is an increasing number of studies on patellofemoral pain syndrome or anterior knee pain in runners and the affects of gait changes on the biomechanics of it. The British Journal of Sports Medicine just published this: Take your shoes off to reduce patellofemoral joint stress during running Jason Bonacci, Bill Vicenzino, Wayne Spratford, Paul […]

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Weightbearing Exercise for those with Diabetes

I don’t need to preach to the converted about the health benefits of running (or any form of exercise) for those with diabetes. Among other things its going to help general well-being; helps with weight control; and it has some specific benefits such as increasing insulin sensitivity. It is not without its dangers in terms […]

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It’s My Way or the Highway

I can’t take any credit for this; but I have long been a reader of PsychBlog and their latest post struck a cord with me and am sure it will with a lot of other people: It’s My Way or the Highway: Why People Are Evangelists for Their Own Way of Life Does that sound […]

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Running Economy and Shoe Heel Height

I don’t know what to say: Effect of Shoes’ Heel Height on the Energy Cost during Jogging Y.D. Gu and Z.Y. Li Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology July 15, 2013 The purpose of this study is to examine the changes of energy cost during a high-heeled continuous jogging. Thirteen healthy female volunteers […]

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Ultramarathons Cause Less Muscle Damage Than Shorter Races

This is getting more into physiology and outside my areas that I know a lot about, but I still found it interesting! I will start with the abstract: Alterations of Neuromuscular Function after the World’s Most Challenging Mountain Ultra-Marathon Jonas Saugy, Nicolas Place, Guillaume Y. Millet, Francis Degache, Federico Schena, Grégoire P. Millet PLoS ONE […]

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