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The carbon footprint from running shoes

Whenever I fly, I always pay the extra $ for what the airline I usually use call ‘carbon offsets’. As I travel a lot (probably too much), it gives me the warm fuzzies known I have done something to reduce the carbon footprint of my travel. During the last few weeks I was a parent […]

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Achilles Tendinopathy and Body Mass Index

Achilles tendinopathy is no different to any other overuse injury in that the cause is the cumulative loads in the tissue are beyond what the tissue can take. There are a number of factors that increases the cumulative loads and make the tissues more susceptible to those loads. One of the factors that is assumed […]

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Foot Strike Pattern and Injury Rates

Like the running economy and footwear type issue, I have been meaning to write for a while an article that summarizes the studies on the differences in injury rates between heel strikers and non-heel strikers; but before I got to doing it another two studies appear, so its worth writing about those. To date we […]

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Running Shoes and Running Economy

I have been meaning for a while to write an article on all the differing results on the studies that have looked at running economy in traditional running shoes vs barefoot or minimalism. I wanted to create a table of all the studies to look at the results. I still will do that, but we have just […]

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Running Asymmetry, Loading Rate and Injury Risk

Asymmetry in the gait is common and is assumed to not necessarily be a good thing for a unidirectional activity such as running, especially if the asymmetry is in impact loads. Various intervention strategies are often used to make the gait more symmetrical, if the asymmetry is assumed to contribute to any injury or gait inefficiency that is present. […]

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Latest Figures and Surprise Comment on Running Shoes Sales

[stextbox id=”warning” caption=”Advertisement:”]Paleo Recipe Book | 100 Day Marathon Plan[/stextbox] The commentary on athletic footwear sales for the first quarter of 2013 has just come out from SportsOneSource. The analyst, Matt Powell made the following comments (my emphasis added): Running, declared dead by the stock market, continues to accelerate. Sales of Running shoes grew in the high […]

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Behavioural Risk Factors for Running Injury

This is getting somewhat out of my area of expertise, but I still going to write about it! This study looked at a selected group of parameters to prospectively determine which one of them was a risk factor for a running related injury. Here is the abstract: Predictors of Running-Related Injuries Among 930 Novice Runners; […]

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Foot strike pattern and performance in a marathon

This study was recently published. It filmed runners at the 8.1km mark of the 2011 Milwaukee Marathon to determine the foot strike pattern and correlate that to performance. Here is the abstract Foot-Strike Pattern and Performance in a Marathon Mark E. Kasmer, Xue-cheng Liu, Kyle G. Roberts, Jason M. Valadao IJSPP Volume 8, Issue 3, […]

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The ‘appeal to antiquity’ fallacy

I have already written on a number of other fallacies that often get used. The ‘appeal to antiquity‘ is another commonly used logical fallacy that is often used when the assumption is that something is better because it is older, is traditional, or has “always has been done.” An often cited example is: “Homeopathy has […]

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