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OMG, have we got this so wrong!

After years of toiling away in the biomechanics lab, devouring all the research I could, publishing research, attending and speaking at conferences and treating 1000’s of patients and passing all that wisdom on to students, I have recently learnt that I got things so very very wrong. You see, all that fuss about overpronation, really […]

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Do running shoes weaken muscles?

We have all seen the claims on blogs, in articles and on places like You Tube that running shoes weaken muscles and that is why we should not be using the big bulky motion controlling running shoes. The claims are made quite regularly and with a certain amount of assertiveness that you would have to […]

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The ‘Appeal to Authority’ Fallacy

An appeal to an authority is commonly used fallacy that you see around running related articles, forums and blogs, especially in the comments section of blogs. It is an argument that attempts to establish its conclusion by referencing someone who a perceived authority or expert who claims that something is true. The appeal to authority […]

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Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in runners

I am going to type this really slow: Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is serious. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is NOT the same as posterior tibial tendonitis. I try to pull out what little hair I have left when I come across a post on a running forum from a runner wanting advice on posterior tibial […]

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Bone injury and the transition to minimalist running

I have held off somewhat commenting on this research while I watched a number of other blog posts and forum threads on it. As I have stated many times, it is intriguing how so many who are not experienced in the reading, interpretation and critical appraisal of research actually read, interpret and appraise research, especially […]

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Cherry Picking

Cherry picking is defined by Wikipedia: Cherry picking, suppressing evidence, or the fallacy of incomplete evidence is the act of pointing to individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position RationalWiki refer to it as: Cherry picking, […]

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Which injuries are probably more common in which foot strike pattern?

Different running forms and different foot strike patterns load different tissues differently. This means that each technique probably has a unique set of specific injuries that they probably increase the risk for compared to a different technique (which is the point I tried to make here). Exactly what injuries are probably more common with different […]

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Update on the Vibram FiveFingers Class Action

UPDATE on the UPDATE: They have settled (2 May 2014) In 2012, two class actions suits were filed in the USA against Vibram FiveFingers. The first alleges the company used deceptive statements about the health benefits of barefoot running to sell their footwear. The lawsuit asserts that: 1) health benefits claims Vibram FiveFingers has used […]

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Impact Reduction with Chi Running

When new research is published, its always intriguing to watch how different communities respond to it and the interpretation or spin that gets put on it¹. I already discussed the The ‘Running Shoes Causing Knee Osteoarthritis’ Debacle in a previous article and how the spinning and re spinning of false headlines lead to a myth. This […]

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